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  • USGFX Marketing Manager Stacy

    Thanks for FX110 very much, the regulated brokers assessment, perfect activities ,on-site exhibition and online broadcast are all embody efficient and executive forcewith FX110’s style. We are honored to be diamond sponsor of this expo. FX110 is leadingforex industry to a regulated oriention with good self-discipline.In the future, we will give them our hands without hesitation.

  • FXTM George

    This is the best forex expo we have attended in China. The attendees are either experienced traders or IB. Furthermore, the event was really well-organized. We will definitely do it again.

  • XM

    It is our honor to attend Brokers Show as gold sponsor. It is unbelievable that audiences’ passion were not effected by the heavy rain at all. FX110 is one of the most authoritative websitein forex industry. We are graceful . On 22nd October, we met so many newand old clients. We have witnessed FX110’s hard working and give “support” to them Looking forward for the next Brokers Show!

  • ADS

    Although the advertisement effects of is obvious, we are not very sure about the effect for their debut of exhibition before the expo started. The weather was bad in Shanghai during those days, it was raining heavily on 22nd October, we were worried aboutattendance .luckily, facts show us the worry was unnecessary . We have met plenty of investors and keep busy all day, not least, they are high-valued experienced investors, Brokers Show supposed to be the best exhibition in 2016. Thanks for! Thanks for their efforts!

  • Alpari Raymond Zheng

    This is our first time to attend offline exhibition after we return to China. But we think it is nice, especially it was not disturbed by the heavy rain. That day, all parts are going on according to the plan, we has felt traders’ passion .

  • ICM Capital

    It is our pleasure as exhibitor to the first O2O financial expo--Brokers Show, we feel the same pride with Brokers Show was heldin Jinmao tower of Lujiazui ,which is the core place of Chinese financial center perfect fit its high-end positioning. All exhibitors have good reputation in forex industry ,attendees are with high net-worth, the atmosphere of exhibition are harmonious. It is creativity to bring in 3D virtual booth and live broadcastto traditional on site exhibition. We think this is the beginning of ICM Capital's cooperation with FX110 to create a harmonious forex ecology .


    Obviously,FX110 had done their homework. Meeting area for exhibitors and investors to communicate,catering area for attendees to enjoy rich varieties of drinks and delicate desserts. The exhibition goes orderly when visitors roam at the exhibition hall in and out. Not only that, Brokers Show gathered dozens of brokers together, It is a great honor for BRTFX to be standout before such a distinguished gathering .By good brand image ,licensed company as well as hospitable services, BRTFX was highly praised by investors. FX110 prepared performances to live upatmosphere .Elegant violin play light up your eyes when your first came into the exhibition hall, lovely mascot monkey walked around the hall make attendees laughed ,and the most staring performance by famous brand "Milk Coffee"were sweet to wash all day 's pressure and annoyance. Next Brokers Show is worthy of looking forward and would be more influential.

  • Infinox

    Brokers Show has good effects. Infinox has participated in lots of financial exhibition of similar form, we can tell an exhibition is good or not by details. From FX110's advertising video ,way of refisteration to it's FxChat launch conference, it has much ideas worthy of take example of .

  • GMI

    Although it is the first time for GMI to attend Brokers Show ,but we have heard of FX110's good reputation earlier, after this exhibition we think FX110 worthy of the name. Plenty of activities were arranged orderly, both exhibitors and investors are active. It is a grand meeting for forex industry ,essential and beneficial for both sides. Hope that Brokers Show be even better, lead Chinese forex industry to a new peak

  • ATC Brokers Lily

    The experience of attend Brokers Showstruck me,FX110 go out of the way to keep exhibition in good trim. Despite exhibition term is only one day ,organizer still prepared rich activities. Except face to face contact between exhibitors with investors or IBs, link online with offline, there were seminar and FxChat launch conference . Brokers Show achieve its intended target ,as it was an successful exhibition. Investors streamed into the exhibition hall despite of the heavy rain . According to our estimate more than 50% attendees are IBs. This exhibition allows us to get the whole industry and market, also heard the voice of our customers. Sincerely thank FX110 hold this exhibition, I hope and believe that the next exhibition would be more successful!

  • Vantagefx

    FX110 has long brought positive energy to retail clients,IBs and others in forex industry,this is the reason why heavy rain did not lower their passion.Choose JINMAO tower as the venue also let Brokers Show grace and noble many.As the first time FX110 host offline activity, it was very successful. We look forward for a better FX110.


    Attendees passion was not disturbed by the heavy rain,thanks for FX110 give us a good chance to show our company and to contact with Chinese clients face to face.congratulations for its smooth ending ,look forward for the next Brokers Show.

  • National Trading

    As the only copy trading company attended Brokers Show,we received plenty of counseling,a large crowed of investors overflowed from booth to aisle.But exhibition duration is too short for attendees came to shanghai from faraway places to learn more, 2-days will be more suitable.In brief,best wishes to ,hope FX110 hold more good activities in the future,we will give full support!

  • Leverate

    In general,this is a well-organized activity with powerful field control,especially hold a launch conference that afternoon at the same time.

  • JRDG

    Overall feeling is quite good ,FX110 give good services,we will attend Brokers Show again.

Live broadcast

Forum Talents Share Trading Techniques

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 10:38:41

Brokers Show specially invited Forum Talents from FX110 Forum as the guest speaker of FxChat launch conference & Net-friends Meeting. <Details>

Milk Coffee Performed at Brokers Show

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 10:18:22

Chinese famous band Milk Coffee performed at Net-Friends Meeting and FxChat Launch Conference on 22nd.Oct. <Details>

Forex Bigshots Gearing up for Brokers Show

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 09:28:46

The world's first forex online trading exhibition—Brokers Show was held at Grand Hyatt Shanghai on 22nd.Oct.<Details>

Brokers Show Received International Influence

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 09:03:14

We've received so many applications from all over the country When news went out that Brokers show will be held on 22,Oct in Shanghai.<Details>

FxChat Change Forex Industry

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 08:46:17

FxChat, with 8 special functions, easy access to learning, news, chat and forex mall, is a fundamental social networking software which is tailor-made<Details>

Perfect Expo With 100 percent Sincerity

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 07:59:10

FX110 has made great efforts to present an excellent expo. From the first beginning to Brokers Show be held successfully. our colleagues had more than one hundred meetings. Choose the best location<Details>

Analyst Yue Zhong of FXTM discourse the upgrading of world forex market

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 06:59:06

Analyst Yue Zhong of FXTM discourse the upgrading of world forex market at 11:00 in the meeting room. Hundreds of visitors came to listen and learn a <Details>

3D Virtual Booth and Live Broadcast Talk with Brokers Online

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 03:32:11

3D Virtual Booth and Live Broadcast Talk with Brokers Online<Details>

FX110 built a stage for regulated exhibitors

Update time:Saturday, 22 October 2016 03:25:18

FX110 built a stage for regulated exhibitors, we stick to the principal that all exhibitors must be regulated .To guarantee the authority of exhibition, we <Details>

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USGFX,founded in Sydney, Australia,in 2006, has been fully compliant with ASIC(LC No .: 302792) for 10 years and is committed to building long-term, stable relationships with global customers. USGFX has become a well-known veteran foreign exchange broker with steady operating as the foundation,providing extreme trading environment, flexible financial products and high standard of customer service.

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Exhibitor Profile

The FXTM brand was initially launched in 2011 with a unique vision to provide unparalleled superior trading conditions, advanced education and state-of-the-art trading tools in the forex industry. As a result of a continuous focus on localizing our products and services to suit each market, together with our successful collaboration with talented and experienced teams from all over the world, FXTM was quickly established as the global trademark it is today.Our core mission is centered on the most precious commodity of all – time. By valuing time and understanding the importance of efficiency in the fluctuating, lighting-fast world of financial markets, every decision we make is designed to ensure that our clients and business partners, as well as our team of professionals, invest their time wisely. This road is paved by an ironclad focus on educating our customers. Knowledge is power, and empowering traders to get the best value for their investments is our passion.

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FxChat Launch Conference

FxChat, integrated with 8 special functions, easy access to learning, news, chat and forex mall,

is a fundamental social networking software which is tailor-made for forex industry by

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Net-Friends Meeting

Q:About crude oil investment What we can pay attention to except the Inventory data?

Gamkers A:

We have U.S. crude oil and Brent crude oil. Except week API crude oil inventory data, We should pay attention to week EIA natural gas inventory data, and week US total number of oil drilling. Moreover, CAD and crude oil prices have an interaction relation .therefore to predict trend of crude oil prices, we must pay attention to Canada Monetary policy and long-term trend of CAD.

Q: I like to operate frequently and couldn't control myself. Do you have any suggestions for me?

jieaochangku A:

If he operate trade frequently and can't control himself ,actually I deem that his true love is money rather than trade. As a forex trader, emotion control and suitable trading system or trading strategy are basic factors. I advocate choose trading system differ from person to person, each person's personality is different, trading strategies should be different. And your trading strategy should also comply with the rules of financial market, if not it is difficult to gain profit. Besides, you should follow your own trading rules ,avoid weakness and enhance strong points.

Q:I'm confused why it's large gains when data in website isbearish?

maxujiong A:

we often ridicule in a word, the main force said it is bearish, it is bearish.

There is a very important idea about forex trading: fundamental analysis must service for technical analysis.

when news or data were released, we should notjust focus on the data itself, but also concerned about current trend, shape, location of the objects price. In bull trend, even if data is bearish,make short lines up and down, but long lines would be pulled up soon, and vice versa.

News and data fluctuate current price, can't change trend. Also we need to observe form, which is top form, or bottom form.

we also concern about the location of price, when the price is running at an important support level or resistance, we need to be careful. It is likely to appear obviously bearish but rise at the support level, and bullish but stumble at the resistance.

I do not advocate to do data or news market, for example, U.S. Non-farm data released at the first Friday of every month, market fluctuation is very intense, even your judgment is right,the price may touch your stop-loss line and come back.

Q:In general ,"Golden September" and "SilverOctober" is normal. However, Gold is hot in October, What's you opinion of gold's suddenly plunged and it's trend?

yiyunqiankun A:

Future trends:

1.Since last year, the People's Bank ofChina outperformed gold for consecutive 15 months, accumulate up to 70%,the volume reached 1838.53 tons by the end of September. Gold has become the most ideal investment .

2.Although gold price fell during October,but the world's largest gold-trading fund has then hunters 958.9 tons,indicating that institutional investors are still bullish on gold.

Gold is undoubtedly the best safe-haven asset in global competition to weaken currencies of today. Reasonable allocation of gold is not to have  big profit but to protect our family assets from s hrink.

From the theory of five elements, gold price will continue to rise in three years,it will not stumble like the year 2013, invest gold is a good choice.

Q:Is it more stable when retracement became smaller?

Land A:

I agree with this view, if you use MT4, MT5 to record every details when trading, you will receive a evaluation report . And this report contains an important parameter named Maximal Retracement, this parameter is used to evaluate one’s capability in risk control. The smaller the value , the safer your deposit. At the same time you can also receive a chart which indicates the variation on your account funds. If the chart fluctuates widely, that means investor needs to strengthen his ability in risk control. If the fluctuation of curve is small, that means one is not only skilled but also has extraordinary ability in risk control and capital management.

I know some investors could make a profit up to triple or five times in short time. Unfortunately, shortly after the profits they could get into trouble of losing their trading accounts, which means they are experiencing a really serious retracement problem. Such thing happened everyday. outstanding investors like Soros or Buffett are not met demand. I mean, in speculative market, the point is not who can make money fast, but who can make money last.

Q:Recently, it’s said that George Soros want to short RMB ,and RMB would depreciate to 7. What’s your opinion?

ashuang A:

First ,I will talk about the real estate market froth in China. In 2015's bull market ,the total volume of China's stock market reached 30 trillion, real estate market volume reached 180 trillion. So how can we deal with such huge bubble? There are two countries worthy of reference.

First, Japan, after World War II , rapid developed export-oriented economy and urbanization construction accumulate bubbles in Japan's real estate market .To solve this problem, Japanese government signed "Plaza Agreement" to protect exchange rate, and introduce strict housing policy which caused house prices fall.

Russian’s real estate bubble result in a cliff-like decline of Russian rouble in several weeks, exchange rate fell by nearly 50% in December 2014. Then Russia loose it's exchange rate margin ,make exchange rate stumbled sharply. After then, house naturally become ideal investment, and house prices remain high.

For the moment, RMB has join SDR ,it allow exchange rate fluctuates more free. China introduce "CDS"(credit default swaps), is a default insurance . From this view, we can see that banks are now facing a huge default risk and had to buy insurance.

Through "SDR" and "CDS" , China is more likely to take the "Russian model". According to experience of Russian ,if RMB exchange rate decreased by 30% -40% is not out of surprise, so exchange rate depreciate to 7, to 8 or 9 ,it is not impossible.

Q: Is it unnecessary to set stop order if we can control position well?

jinducheng A:

We make the question clear that is it necessary to set  stop order。

As to wear seat belts when driving ,it's a good habit to set stop order when trading.

on the one hand ,investors don't the habit of set stop order because no one enforced them to do that; on the other side ,investors don't aware of risks and rely on luck. Sometimes you may make benefits without set stop order, however, you won't always be lucky enough in speculative market. In most cases, it will bring a great loss. As investor, safety awareness is the most important, we must follow the trading law and wear seat belts!

Q:Are there any stable profitable EA in market?

huixin A:

First of all, it won't work to find a "stable EA" just by doing test , but stable profitable EA is really exist."Stability" is a relative concept, a EA for A is stable but maybe not stable for B.

we should make it clear EA is a tool, do not regard it as almighty .As a tool, it produce value depends on whether the user operate correctly .How to use EA correctly? First is develop a EA by yourself, according to your usual quantifiable deal scheme, combined with your trading plan, to harness EA. The second is to use a EA developed by others .Pay attention to two important points, First ,you must choose a EA program which is similar with you trading habits; The second is you must invest currency that you are familiar with; Otherwise you will waist efforts and lead to losses.

Q:Which is more important between technical analysis and fundamental analysis ?

xiaolang A:

We should make sense of two basic concepts. Firstly, Fundamental analysis included economical cycle and economic structure. A single economic cycle can last four to five years from rise to fall, it's a law we must follow. Rise and fall alternate inexorably. Fundamental Analysis also includes a country's monetary policy and central bank interest rate decision, unemployment rate, ADP and so on. Secondly,Technical analysis is easier than fundamental analysis. Normally, it includes form, K-line, Wave theory and Dow theory, and so on.

Xiao lang's opinion:

1.We can't change economical cycle, it's general trend. Like gold price sleep between 1982-2002 for 20 years, and bull market between 2002-2011, bear market after 2011, as well as every country's economical cycle.

2.News is only catalyst of market but couldn't change economical structure, we must follow technical analysis.