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The Three-day Countdown: BrokersShow Virtual Expo featuring App, web, and mobile browser promises unrivaled virtual experience.

By/04/20/2021 20:40:23

Along with the imminent BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan due on April 23 comes the upgraded BrokersShow Virtual Expo. The combination of App, web, and mobile browser is expected to give investors a breath of fresh air.

1.More various and convenient access to BrokersShow Virtual Expo

BrokersShow Virtual Expo is accessible through not only App but also web and mobile browser, freeing spectators from time and space restrains and making it possible to attend BrokersShow Virtual Expo anywhere and anytime.

2. Easier and more convenient BrokersShow Virtual Expo watching, courtesy of App, web, and mobile browserThe complicated procedure of signing up and logging in will be a thing of the past, and participants can do that and browse information about all booths with a click of the mouse. On web and mobile browser, participants can log in and browse as guests and then sign in if they find something that interests them. It will never be hard to search for information about exhibitors. Just slide the website or click the button “Broker list” , and you can identify exhibitors interesting you.

(Choose the brokers interesting you.)

3.  Multiple forms of communication

 On web and mobile browser, participants can have live chats with customer service in the form of text. On App, participants can do that in forms of text, audio message, and video.

Participants can switch between 6 languages. This can be achieved by clicking the button “ Settings” and entering the page “Multi-languages”. The framework of BrokersShow Virtual Expo will all be displayed  in the chosen language.



(Click the button “Bonus” to view all bonuses of the BrokersShow Virtual Expo.)

With only three days to go until the opening of BrokersShow Virtual Expo, you should sign up as soon as possible if you haven’t. Sign up for free at