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Rank on the active user list

By/04/26/2021 15:02:19

The BrokersShow·Taiwan has been conclusion, Who can get the rewarda? Now let us publish.

Thank you for your active participation. Congratulations to the users who got the rewards!

Within 3 business days after the conclusion of BrokersShow, our staff will contact you and confirm your information through mobile phone. Users who are awarded the forex trading e-books should contact our email at to get your rewards.

Rewards for the most active users

No. 1: Yusan Kaoliang liquor aged 16 years(1,500 mL) 

No. 2: Nintendo Switch

No. 3: Dayuling oolong tea (120g)   Alishan oolong tea (120g)

The prizes for the 4th to 6th winners  will be get Auto close/open umbrella.The 7th to 10th prizes are tMouse ceramic coin bank .Prizes from 11th to 15th are Sunnyhills pineapple cake.Places 16-1000 will receive the Forex trading e-book!


On the premise that the event can run smoothly and fairly, BrokersShow reserves the right of final interpretation to the rules unspecified here.