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With a turnout of more than 50, 000, BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan came to a fruitful completion. See you next time!

By/04/27/2021 14:14:52

On the first day, the expo attracted more than 10,000 investors and brokers across the globe within half of hour, fanning the atmosphere to a fever pitch.

(participants chatting with gusto in the exhibition hall on April, 23rd.)  

(Enthusiasm was still strong in the air at 15:00 on April, 24th.)

The two-day BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan wrapped up at 24:00 on April, 24th. To our delight and surprise, even at the last second avidity in communication remained high, and the number of the participants continued to skyrocket to MORE THAN 50,000.


Within a brief two-day timeframe, the expo had treated participants to impressive and instructive livestream speeches touching on many popular investments trends and topics.  Here was a snapshot of several highlights.

Many comments had been made and quite heated debates had been had before the first livestream course began. All were eager to know what would be the way out for individual investors in the face of possible Black Swan events like the much talked-about Japan’s discharge of wastewater.

In the evening of the first day of the expo, Sky, a teacher invited by the host, elaborated on how to invest effectively in a course, which was highly praised by participants. Sky added, “The entire world is facing opportunities and challenges attendant to post-epidemic global economic recovery, “ added Sky, “and China promises to be a sound investment market.”

( livestream course by Sky, the special guest)

Today was the second day of the expo, but its popularity waxed instead of waning.

Xu Shiwei, an expert in quantitative investment employed by Tradeview, raised the curtain of today’s series of speeches by delivering his one themed on quantitative investment with manageable risks. In the speech, he made approaches to quantitative investment more accessible by citing the development of U.S. stock market in the first half of 2020. He not only shared the approaches but also taught investors how to analyze quantitative investment themselves, to spot market preferences, and to catch the dominant market trends in a bid to make investment in a more targeted way through graphic, fund distribution, and industry background analyses.

Li Qizhan, an expert in monetary trade from Taiwan, had in-depth and professional analyses of the financial market and of how the dollar would develop from a global perspective. At the end of the livestream speech, Li also interacted with the audience and provided insightful feedback to questions posed by investors.


( livestream course by Li Qizhan, the special guest)

To our surprise, there was a constant inundation of participants through the expo, attracted not only by scintillating and helpful speeches and courses but also time-limited bonuses and lucky draws sponsored by brokers.

The TOP ranking of active chatters organized by the host also lured a host of participants. see Read and see who were the lucky ones

The famous 16-year-old sorghum liquor from Taiwan went to the most active chatter “lisa11”; Switch was won by the chatter “海棠大魚”;  participant “黄金多做人” took home 120 grams respectively of two types of famous Oolong tea from Taiwan; chatters ranked 4 through 6 were each awarded an automatic sun umbrella; From the 7th-ranking through the the 10th-ranking, each collected a saving pot featuring an auspicious mouse; those who occupied the 11th through to the 15th places each grabbed a piece of tepid pineapple cake; a electronic format of “Alchemy of Trade and Investment” was pocketed by each of the 16th through to the 1000th most active chatters.

We owed the success of BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan to not only our arduous participants, lecturers, exhibitors, and brokers but also the BrokersShow team. The team had worked attentively about every detail right from the beginning through to the end to produce a satisfying and marvelous expo. To our delight, their efforts were rewarded by the recognition of participants from various sectors.

BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan 2021 has ended with fruitful outcomes, but the highlights of it spring eternal. The next leg of the BrokersShow Virtual Expo is Malaysia. Let’s expect what it has to offer. See you there!