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BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan Station ended perfectly! 10 awards are out!

By/04/30/2021 09:17:25

The 2021 BrokersShow Virtual Expo·Taiwan Station came to a successful conclusion on the evening of April 24. The Virtual Expo lasted for 2 days and nearly 30 financial industry platforms participated. It was a conference aimed at facilitating communication between financial industry platforms and investors during the epidemic. Cloud event!

The total number of visitors to the BrokersShow Virtual Expo in just 2 days exceeded 50,000, and the exhibition hall and exhibitor halls were very popular. At the same time, at this expo, based on the performance and strength of each exhibitor, BrokersShow Virtual Expo selected 10 awards.

The following is the list of 10 award winners of this BrokersShow Virtual Expo

1. The best IB service broker

Winning Exhibitor: Exness

2. The best trading team platform provider

Winning Exhibitor: Decode Global

3. The best trading environment broker

Winning exhibitor: TMGM

4. The best multi-asset broker in Asia

Winning exhibitor: Just2Trade

5. Best Investor Education Broker

Winning exhibitor: ForexClub

6. The most powerful supervisory broker

Winning Exhibitor: MEXGROUP Chase Finance

7. The best localization service broker

Winning Exhibitor: WeTrade Zhonghui

8. The best liquidity provider

Winning exhibitor: Vistabrokers

9. Best customer service broker

Winning Exhibitor: WisunoFX

10. Best customer service broker

Winning exhibitor: PRCBroker

The above ten exhibitors have won ten awards issued by the BrokersShow Virtual Expo with their extraordinary strength and good performance at the exhibition. They have their own characteristics but at the same time they all have great strength. They not only provide investors with a wealth of trading products, but also satisfy The trading needs of different investors also presented a good level of customer service for the audience, which was well received by the exhibitors.

This year,  BrokersShow Virtual Expo will be held in the form of a global tour, successively in Taiwan, Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong and other global tours. Investors and brokers from all over the world are welcome to participate.