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The grand occasion of the cloud exhibition: the number of people has soared during the 1 hour, and the dry goods are "smashed"!

By/06/25/2021 08:30:21

Today, with the expectation and attention of all investors and exhibitors, the two-day BrokersShow ·Malaysia Station finally opened! The editor's mood is as excited and excited as everyone! Speaking of, almost every time the BrokersShow  is held, we can receive many different surprises and touches.

Despite the late start of the live event, the popularity of the live event continued to be hot. After 2 hours of launching, the number of participants in the venue has exceeded 10,000!

Big Trader from all walks of life join forces to enjoy dry goods!

Early bird gets the worm! Friends who have already entered the venue, just have fun. Today's exhibition site, as always, is full of dry goods waiting for everyone. In order to let everyone feel our sincerity, today the organizer has prepared 6 live interactions for everyone! The excellent speeches and the wonderful live interaction will surely make you dizzy and enjoy non-stop!

Among them, many futures investors are looking forward to capturing the trading opportunities in the international futures market-the special guest "Visiting Professor of Economics at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China" David Dai on "International Crude Oil Futures Trading" Interpretation" thematic course sharing.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, the friends who participated in the exhibition were still very enthusiastic. The live broadcast event in the afternoon kicked off with a lecture on the "Golden Age of Investment in Gold" by the international financial trend analyst Chen Tianwei. The class was relaxed, humorous and unique Profound, bring you a lot of dry goods!

In the hot summer season, investment friends said that while blowing air-conditioning and eating melons, they can also receive investment dry goods for free. "It's so cozy and comfortable!" "I usually spend money on novice trading classes, but I don't have this live broadcast. A lot of dry goods, great!” Many partners said, “It’s really easy and convenient! This kind of online exhibition will be held in the future!” Seeing everyone giving thumbs up to this exhibition, the editor is very happy.!