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BrokersShow continued to be popular on the second day, and the live broadcast of the gusts was still wonderful!

By/06/25/2021 17:13:05

BrokersShow Malaysia entered its second day today. Today, it atmosphere continues to be hot. As of 16:05, a total of 60,000  online visitors have participated in the exhibition and actively participated in this exhibition. The grand scene at the exhibition remained the same. Six industry leaders successively gave live speeches to share investment experience with investors, and the exhibition continued to be exciting.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, Kar Yong, a specially invited lecturer at BrokersShow and a well-known trading trainer in Malaysia, opened today’s first live speech.He teach everyone How You Can Use These Wave Patterns to Profit Consistently and Confidently from the Market

11 a.m., famous quantitative investment expert Xu Shiwei second live lectures, Xu Shiwei combined with the special stock market from the first half of 2020, around the theme of "grasp the quantitative method of his own fate, firm operating experience sharing" carries on the simple analysis, investment and how to share on the premise of understanding the market direction for more accurate investment.

At 13:00 p.m., Yvonne Yu, senior financial consultant of C&H Group, brought a live broadcast of entrepreneurship in the financial industry to the online audience. Based on her profound understanding of the financial investment industry and her experience in the investment field, she deeply analyzed the possibility and methods of zero-cost, zero-risk entrepreneurship in the financial industry in today's form. It provides valuable reference for investors who are interested in financial entrepreneurship.

15 p.m., Ricky Chu, strategist at ZF Sunsea Securities, opens his book "How Fintech Is Changing the Financial World?" The theme of the live speech is about the background, current situation and future policies of digital currency, sharing the relationship between the latest financial technology and real assets in the current financial market, to help investors win in the emerging financial market in a stable way.

At 17pm, the fifth live speech began. Simmi Goh, a former national women's volleyball player, transformed herself into a full-time trader and founded a financial education institution. She started from her rich investment experience. Share its original "Monday Blue" strategy with investors to make steady profits in the currency market, to help investors with no financial background to make money in the market.

At 19 PM, Mr. Chen, senior analyst of Chase Financial Group, presented his book "How to set up your own trading system ?" In the last live speech on the theme, he shared with investors the skills and methods of how to build a personal trading system with his rich practical trading experience and strong technical analysis ability, so as to help investors make profits in the foreign exchange market more quickly.

After the last live broadcast, the cloud exhibition is about to come, but the exhibitors are still interested in the exhibition hall, have left a message to discuss, looking forward to the next BrokersShow cloud exhibition can come soon!