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Fazzaco &Brokersviewis Being BrokersShow Virtual Expo Gold Sponsor in September in Vietnam

By/08/31/2021 10:31:38

1.About us

Time: September 9-10

BrokersShow is a game-changing financial expo,where you can get access to the online financial world with immersive experience. Easier communication enables comfortability in trading.

2.About Fazzaco

Fazzaco is a global leading B2B financial information platform that helps Fintech companies and Forex brokers find business partners.

Fazzaco is the leading financial information platform covering news and posts of Forex brokers, liquidity providers, white label providers, CRM providers, cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges, payment providers, regulators, and all others whose businesses are relevant to the online trading industry. Fazzaco can help you reach out to the right partners and solutions and outperform the market by harnessing the power of our barrier-free connection and exact matchmaking features.

Companies that are interested in expanding business can sign in at free of charge or contact for more information.

How can I get the most out of Fazzaco as a Broker?

Brokers will have no difficulty in choosing partners of any category to grow business through Fazzaco’s ranking list, product assessment, and impartial reviews. Verified high-quality solution providers will be ranked top on the category list with industry-accepted standard disclosed. Professional articles comparing products and services will give brokers insight to make the most appropriate decision. Brokers can also view authentic comments to tell its partner’s strength.

Fazzaco also knows a thing or two about China’s forex market where huge potentials remain untapped. Fazzaco has also established close ties with brokers who have already retained Chinese customers such as IC Markets, FXTM, EightCap, TRI, FXCM, Just2Trade, and Doo Prime. Its professional translation team can assist  ambitious brokers who are seeking opportunities in entering China.

How can I get the most out of Fazzaco as a Fintech Company?

Fintech companies will get the opportunity to edit company pages, release press, follow up dynamics of desirable partners, and keep abreast of the market trend. Registering at Fazzaco’s website will give fintech companies access to an integrated resource pool where they can generate leads, search new clients, build brand strength, and consolidate business relationship.

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3.About BrokersView


BrokersView provides investors with search filters, trading cost comparison tools, broker ranking lists, and authentic user comments to assist them in selecting the best forex brokers with more ease. 

The largest forex broker information hub in the world has incorporated 2,000  forex brokers, 80  broker lists, 51  forex regulators, 5,000  comments and served clients in 80  countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, France, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Maylasia, China, Cyprus, Denmark, and Germany.