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Forexway is being BrokersShow Virtual Expo Silver Diamond in September in Vietnam , Booth No.1

By/08/27/2021 16:15:30

1.About us

Time: September 9-10

BrokersShow is a game-changing financial expo,where you can get access to the online financial world with immersive experience. Easier communication enables comfortability in trading.


2.About Sponsor

As a professional forex education platform, Forexway is committed to providing systematic forex knowledge and courses to traders, covering beginner’s, advanced and expert levels. 

By using articles and original animation videos as knowledge carriers,Forexway provides users with comprehensive, interesting and easy-to-understand foreign exchange learning courses

More than 1,000 exercises and explanation after courses provide the most direct means of testing the learning effect. The gamified PK mechanism makes foreign exchange learning more interesting.

Now Learn Forex Trading with Forexway at ZERO COST

A Real Change

On August 16, 2021, Forexway ushered in the most important feature update since its launch: users may unblock Secondary and University courses for free by simply sharing any video or article to a third-party social network in one click. You had to buy such courses or invite a bunch of friends before you could unblock them. So such a change is indeed a critical one to Forexway. Why? Well, let’s listen to what Forexway has to say:

“A large number of learners came to Forexway soon after our launch, many of whom were newbies. I believe that they were impressed by how professional and entertaining our courses are. Soon enough, we received feedback from numerous users from our community. Like they really appreciate the PK function on our app. It is a perfect way to consolidate what they learned by having quizzes. We have, too, seen a growing number of learners who paid to learn, and we appreciate it. Meanwhile, we have been told that it is unpleasant to ask friends to help them, that they’d rather spend the time learning. So it was at that time that we realized what we were doing was going against our true intention, which is encouraging people to share knowledge. So we decided to change.”

So that’s what Anderson, the Product Manager of Forexway, told us when asked why. He also added that the change is going to increase the level of accessibility of Forexway dramatically, and more forex traders, whether newbies or veterans, are welcomed to join us at Forexway, where forex learning is truly accessible and free.

Giveback to Users.

This is a version update to Forexway, but it looks more like givebacks to users.

As a professional forex education platform, Forexway is committed to providing systematic forex knowledge and courses to traders, covering beginner’s, advanced and expert levels. Launched in 2018, nearly 200 articles and 100  original animated videos are produced, which divide forex knowledge into Primary, Secondary and University levels, including basic terminologies, economic indicators, fundamental analyses, technical indicators / analyses, and trading strategies / psychology.

Forexway’s Next Step

Anderson revealed that the operational team of Forexway is currently working their professional team of instructors to expand the courses. Even though there is a complete set of courses at Forexway, there is still room for practical improvement. Therefore, several renowed trading gurus will come to Forexway in the foreseeable future, who will bring their experience and theories, and share them with all learners in ways of video or article. Please stay tuned for more details.

Although much is left undisclosed, we believe Forexway will attract more learners, and make indispensable contribution to improving the knowledge level of forex traders.

Forexway-Sign Up & Win Cash Rewards

Event date:September 9- September 10

During the online expo , audiences who visit our booth and sign up with Forexway will get a entry to the lucky draw.

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