NO.13 DBG Markets:Consultation courtesy & surprise raffle

10:00-10:30 on June 24 & 13:30-14:30 on June 25

The first 1000 users who come to the booth for consultation enjoy good gifts

1-100: summer refreshing gift box (MINI umbrella handheld fan data cable) cost 129 yuan

101-200: breeze a summer gift box (hanging neck fan multifunctional data cable) worth 109 yuan

201-300: pure white gift box (sunshade multi-function data cable) cost 89 yuan

301-1000: Full of vitality gift box (multi-function data cable) costs 39 yuan

Lucky draw gift: DBG exclusive customized Apple Bluetooth headset cost 268 yuan

Special Surprise & Raffle Gift:

1. For every 100 entrants, the 100 entrants can participate in the lucky draw

2. There are 10 prizes

3. Prize: 298 yuan DBG exclusive customized Apple Bluetooth headset

4. The 100 people who have participated in the lucky draw cannot participate in the next round of lucky draw

5. There is no upper limit on the number of lucky draw groups

6. If the number of people in the last group is less than 100, the number will be drawn in the same proportion and rounded up