NO.10 Tradeview:$100 new account bonus To experience it!

How to apply?

Please apply for live account online at    

Once you get LIVE trading account, please email your bonus request to

Terms and Conditions:

1) $100 testing bonus cannot be transferred or withdrawn, and the trading profit (up to USD 300) after completing at least 25 transaction orders can be transferred to the main account (need to apply separately).  

2) Upon minimum deposit of $300 in the main trading account, the account will be qualified to transfer the profit of testing account (not including $100 testing bonus). Deposits must be kept in the account and actively traded for more than 90 days. 

3) This event is only for new customers. Existing customers cannot participate. Each customer can only apply for one testing bonus account.

4) Testing bonus account leverage is 200:1, Account type is “Innovative Liquidity Connector”.

5) The testing bonus accounts will valid until the 10th trading day after the bonus applied. For example, customer A open live testing account on April 26nd, he should be able to trade $100 until May 7th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact