The exhibition grand


Financial analyst Prospero on the live stream
Special guest Li Qizhan's wonderful speech
All Hui invited analyst Wang Ping wonderful speech
GTC chief analyst Jackey in a wonderful speech
Tradeview quantitative investment expert Xu Shixiong wonderful sharing
The second day of the exhibition, the scene continued to be popular, the number of more than 40,000!
Special Lecturer Sky Live Lecture on "How to Create Efficient Investment in the Fast Recovery of the
MSG Analyst's Live Speech!
PRCBroker Analyst Live Talk!
Teacher Prospero's live speech!
The number of exhibitors is about to exceed 18,000!
The scene is too active! At the same time look forward to your joining oh ~
4.23 11:20 the popularity continues to climb


  • BrokersShow·Taiwan The last minute

  • BrokersShow雲展會·臺灣站 最後一分鐘

  • The popularity of the exhibition continues to be hot, exceeding 50,000

  • Keyhui Group analysts wonderful live broadcast

  • Financial analyst Prospero on the live stream

  • Special guest Li Qizhan's wonderful speech

  • Cloud Expo has more than 46,000 participants

  • WeTrade analyst Wang Ping wonderful speech

  • GTC chief analyst Jackey highlights the live speech

  • Tradeview quantitative investment expert Xu Shixiong's wonderful speech was extremely popular

  • On April 24th, guests broadcast the course

  • The number of exhibitors as of 12:00 p.m. on 23rd

  • The second day of hot interaction in the exhibition hall!

  • On April 24th, the number of participants in the cloud exhibition exceeded 40,000!

  • Sky, the special lecturer of the organizer, broadcast the lectures to share

  • Hot! 19:00 The number of exhibitors will break through 30,000

  • WisunoFX Analyst Live Talk!

  • PRCBroker analysts in a live presentation!

  • MSG booth live lecture interaction.

  • Live interaction with Prospero.

  • At 3.30pm, the showroom was still hot!

  • The number of cloud exhibition participants continues to rise, up to 16,000 people!

  • ForexClub guest analyst Daniel shares how to better choose investment financial products?

  • 12:00, we're about to go live, and people are asking questions!

  • 12,000 visitors to the show

  • April 23rd proceedings

  • Click on the lower left corner to watch the wonderful live broadcast!

  • 4.23, BrokersShow HOT START!


BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan Station ended perfectly! 10 awards are out!

The 2021 BrokersShow Virtual Expo·Taiwan Station came to a successful conclusion on the evening of April 24. The Virtual Expo lasted for 2 days and nearly 30 financial industry platforms participated. It was a conference aimed at facilitating communication between financial industry platforms and investors during the epidemic. Cloud event!

2021-04-30 09:17:25

With a turnout of more than 50, 000, BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan came to a fruitful completion. See you next time!

The two-day BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan wrapped up at 24:00 on April, 24th. To our delight and surprise, even at the last second avidity in communication remained high, and the number of the participants continued to skyrocket to MORE THAN 50,000.

2021-04-27 14:14:52

Rank on the active user list

Rank on the active user list the winning user has been released!

2021-04-26 15:02:19

Nuggets of wisdom provided by experts:international horizon essential to investment and investment opportunities to be seized in globalization

On the afternoon of April, 24th, livestream room of BrokersShow pampered investors with a succession of five scintillating speeches, which impressed and satisfied the needs of investors.

2021-04-24 17:45:56

Xu Shiwei, an expert versed in quantitative investment, sharing his experience

Today was the second day of the expo, but its popularity waxed instead of waning. As of 16:00 April, 24th, the expo had attracted almost 50,000 participants.

2021-04-24 16:45:56

One of the many Highlights of BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan: the star-studded lineup of guests

In the blink of an eye our two-day virtual expo drew to an end. But to our delight, popularity of today’s virtual displayed no sign of waning despite the fact that it begun relatively late.

2021-04-24 10:19:40

1 Day Countdown: Meet Top Traders at BrokersShow

BrokersShow has always been highlighted by its live lecture where top traders share their views and insight on the market with attendees.

2021-04-24 10:09:40

BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan opened and made a hit with a high turnout

To the delight of these people, the much-anticipated BrokersShow Virtual Expo Taiwan opened today.

2021-04-23 14:40:13

Prizes of Taiwan Station Details >

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Yusan Kaoliang liquor aged 16 years

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Dayuling oolong tea + Alishan oolong tea

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Mouse ceramic coin bank

Sunnyhills pineapple cake

Forex trading e-book

Special Guest


International brokerage lecturer

He is currently a special lecturer of international brokerage media and lecturer of a well-known knowledge management school. He has 15 years of experience in financial investment and real estate investment. In addition to excellent practical results, he is also a well-known leader in the industry in hosting, writing and consulting. He has served as the designated host of international trading competitions, financial analysis columnists, and investment and financial advisors.

Speech theme:How to create effective investment in the rapidly recovering US economy?

Li Qizhan

Financial investment expert

A general economic observer with the most market operation ability in Asia, specializing in international economic trends and financial investment trend analysis, more than 10 years of actual market investment operation experience; Extraordinary News Channel-NEWS Gold Detector, intraday online analysis, TVBS-Gold Earth line, intraday connection analysis, Sanli Finance Channel-88 Wealth Management, Dongsen Finance Channel-57 money explosion, intraday connection analysis, book "Li Qizhan's Foreign Exchange Trading Winning Art of War", book "8 Investment Profits" Key indicators"

Speech theme:Enter the global financial market, grasp the new investment opportunities!

Dylan Tan

Special Lecturer of Master Select Group

Founder of D Lifestyle Trader and the pioneer of profitable trading model of D’ Lifestyle Trading Method. Since joining the bank in 2009, he has 12 years of full-time financial commodity trading experience. He once worked at a well-known investment college in Singapore, as a technical analyst and foreign exchange lecturer, and as a senior trader in an international brokerage group. Participated in the TOP ANALYST-Financial Analyst Reality Show in 2018, stood out from 4000 participants and won the title of Top 12.

Speech theme:5 Best Transaction Trading Tips That Will Make You Profitable

Miss Wang Ping

Invited Analyst

Principal of Guilin Hongxiang Software Development Co. Ltd. With a deep understanding of quantitative trading and programming trading, Miss Wang has programmed various anto and semi auto stock selection models. Miss Wang is awarded The Best Analyst by cnforex and 100 Derivatives Forum and got The best strategic analyst award . Miss Wang combined Chinese traditional philosophy with trading and will open a new window on your strategic trading view.

Speech theme:The development prospect of China's financial market in future

Qi Lin

Special Lecturer of PRCBroker

Currently working as PRCBroker’s special lecturer. He has ten years of experience in the financial industry (banking, securities, futures). Created “Qiankun line break through trading system”, “144 moving average trend” and some other trading systems by himself. Hold the MBA of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and the license of Chartered Financial Analyst. Good at combining long and short-term gold trading, and controlling foreign exchange trends. He firmly believes that "win" is in the present, and "harmony" is the future!

Speech theme:How to correctly choose products and allocate funds in the wave of diversified investment.

Michelle Wang

Head of Media at TMGM Group

YouTube Channel 《Meng Po Finance Talkshow》host and Director. 10 year experience in financial news reporting.Head of Media at TMGM Group.Specialize in international politics and economy, major financial events commentary, financial risk assessments.In 2015, Michelle’s serial news reporting was awarded second prize of Shanghai News Award (Foreign radio and TV program category)

Speech theme: Into the Ocean! Behind Japan's nuclear-polluted water dump: next ‘Black swan’ event of the world. How should investors hedge the associated risks?


Forexclub Special Analyst

Entered the market in 2007 and has more than 10 years of industry experience. He has served as a special foreign exchange and precious metal analyst for well-known financial media such as CBN Futures Weekly, Jiangsu Finance, Fujian Finance, Zhejiang Finance, Phoenix Finance, and many domestic banks. Provide market research reports, strategic analysis and market trend suggestions. Personal investment philosophy: rigorous analysis, decisive execution; mentality>discipline>technology.

Speech theme: How to better choose investment financial products?

Peter Wu

1.Senior Trader at Decode Global

Began trading since 2004 through self-study and other methods. Personal trading style: 1.Intraday, swing trading 2.Currencies: Euro, USD, Yen-USD, Pound-Yen 3.Complete entry and exit of the transaction within a predetermined period every day. Never hold overnight 4.Leverage of each transaction is 1.5times, 5.Monthly profit target is 3%, and the maximum retracement target is 5%. The following are elements to a successful trader and is what I adhere to: trading methods, fund management, mentality management and trading discipline.

Speech theme: What is an investment deal and how do you make money?

David Hsu

Quantitative investment manager

David Hsu graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, got Ph.D degree in the United States. He has many years of investment experience on Wall Street. The founder of "MM Investment Newsletter" has nearly 1,000 investment clients in the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and Asia. With over 20 years of investment management experience. His investment strategies include stock index quantitative investment models, A-share investment models and currency trading strategies. Have in-depth and unique insights on stock index futures, gold and Metatrader platform transactions. In 2010, he published an investment book "This is how stocks can make money" and was welcomed by Chinese stock investors. email to, WeChat and Telegram ID: david_s_hsu

Speech theme:Quantitative investment winning strategy with live records

Trista Lv

Chief Analyst

Trista, the chief analyst of Intelligence Limited, has more than 10 years experience in large-scale client fund management and financial markets. Because of her profound experience, she is always invited to participate in the famous financial media platforms

Speech theme:Learn to Trade

Kimmy Jin

Prospero Specialized investment analyst

Professor of Econometrics, University of Sydney, has a deep understanding of emerging investment markets, rich experience in market trading, and uses economic quantitative trading models in the trading market.Undertaking and issuing more than 5 billion ABS, RETIES, PPP and other financial products such as asset securitization.Special guest of SBS Australia, integrating economic fundamentals and technical analysis to create a unique trading technique with high winning rate.First prize in 2018 Australian Internet Entrepreneurship Year Competition and first prize in 2019 Australian Popularity Competition.Well-known financial blogger, WeChat video number: Aussie financial planner, Instagram: yuyukimmy.

Speech theme:sniper market conditions, steady investment trading secrets




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Speech theme:Discuss the challenges and opportunities in the era of deep integration of regulation and technology

BrokersShow hall live interaction-EBCGreater China Technical Consultant Yangxiang


Speech theme: Into the Ocean! Behind Japan's nuclear-polluted water dump: next ‘Black swan’ event of the world. How should investors hedge the associated risks?

BrokersShow hall live interaction-TMGM Michelle Wang


Speech theme:How to better choose investment financial products?

BrokersShow hall live interaction-Forexclub guest analyst Daniel


Speech theme:12-year trading veteran teaches you to win the margin market by 5 incurs!

MSG booth live interactive--MSG guest analyst Dylan Tan


Speech theme:Good assistant for transactions—The basic principle and practical application of《Wall Street Intelligent Analysis Navigation System 》

PRCBroker booth live interactive-PRC guest analyst Qi Lin


Speech theme:How to choose a platform as your partner?

BrokersShow hall live interaction-Just2trade Senior Sales Consultant Ben Song


Speech theme: How to create effective investment in the rapidly recovering US economy?

BrokersShow hall live interaction- Guest analyst Sky