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19:17 The last live broadcast is in hot progress
17:05 in the afternoon, the third live broadcast is in progress
15:05 The live broadcast of ZFX booth has started.
13:30pm The first live broadcast is underway.
11:00 the second broadcast began
10:00 The first broadcast of the morning begins.
16:50-Live streaming is wonderful
15:20-Excerpts from live video
14:40-Popular hot
14:20-"The Golden Age of Investment" is on the air

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  • The last minute

  • 19:17 The last live broadcast is in hot progress

  • 17:05 PM The third live broadcast has started

  • 16:05 The popularity of the exhibition soared with the number of participants exceeding 60,000

  • 15:05 The live broadcast of ZFX booth has started.

  • 14:00 The number of online exhibitors exceeded 58,000

  • 13:00 in the afternoon, the first live broadcast has started.

  • 11:35 The number of exhibitors exceeded 55,000

  • 11:00 the second broadcast began

  • 10:00 The first broadcast of the morning begins.

  • The opening of the second day popularity soared, the number of exhibitors more than 50,000!

  • Popularity skyrocketed to 30,000!

  • 16:40-Begin to live

  • 14:10-The number of exhibitors exceeded 25,000

  • 15:00-Begin to live

  • 14:20-More than 20,000 people participated in the exhibition

  • 13:50-The number of exhibitors exceeded 18,000

  • 13:40-LIVE

  • 11:30-The studio received over 5,000 comments

  • 11:15-More than 10,000 people participated in the exhibition

  • 11:00-The exhibition is in full swing

  • 10:40-Hot live


Congratulations to XM/AUSFOREX for being BrokersShow Virtual Expo Gold Sponsor in June in Malaysia

BrokersShow is a game-changing financial expo,where you can get access to the online financial world with immersive experience. Easier communication enables comfortability in trading.BrokersShow Virtual Expo is available on computer browsers and mobile browsers,Usher in a new ear of financial expo

2021-06-28 11:28:20

BrokersShow Malaysia ended successfully, see you next time in Vietnam!

The 2-day long BrokersShow Virtual Expo Malaysia came to fruition on June, 25th.

2021-06-26 10:10:49

BrokersShow continued to be popular on the second day, and the live broadcast of the gusts was still wonderful!

BrokersShow entered its second day today. Today, the cloud exhibition atmosphere continues to be hot

2021-06-25 17:13:05

The grand occasion of the cloud exhibition: the number of people has soared during the 1 hour, and the dry goods are "smashed"!

Today, with the expectation and attention of all investors and exhibitors, the two-day BrokersShow·Malaysia Station finally opened!

2021-06-25 08:30:21

Congratulations to WeTrade,PRCBroker , TMGM,FXMarket for being BrokersShow Virtual Expo Silver Sponsors in June in Malaysia

BrokersShow is a game-changing financial expo,where you can get access to the online financial world with immersive experience.

2021-06-21 11:43:51

Congratulations to CPT/Tickmill/ZFX for being BrokersShow Virtual Expo Gold Sponsor in June in Malaysia

BrokersShow is a game-changing financial expo,where you can get access to the online financial world with immersive experience.

2021-06-18 09:22:22

Congratulations to Decode Global for being BrokersShow Virtual Expo Diamond Sponsors in June in Malaysia , Booth No.12

Decode Global is pleased to be a diamond sponsor of Brokers Show 2021 Malaysia stop, Exhibition booth number 12. Decode Global was established in 2004, with constant innovation and development, Decode has become one of the industry leaders. Decode is proud to be a trusted broker with customers all around the world achieving zero negative review.

2021-06-17 17:54:59

Congratulations to MEX Group for being BrokersShow Virtual Expo Silver Diamond in June in Malaysia , Booth No.14

MEX Group was established in California, USA in 2005. Since its launch MEX Group has evolved into one of the largest financial derivatives companies worldwide, with a current paid up capital of over US $322 million.

2021-06-17 11:20:21



Founder of Value Envision , Chief Financial Analyst

Former national women's volleyball team player has transformed into full-time trader. Simmi Goh, who expert in trading experience for 10 years. Her successful is attributed to her humble and discipline. Without any financial background, she successfully developed a unique trading strategy with extremely high profitable - “Monday Blue". More than thousands of students have claimed to be deeply influenced by "Monday Blue" strategy. The most importantly, she achieves a stable annual profit of more than 100% through her self-discipline in the journey of trading.

High-Profitable Trading Strategy "Monday Blue"- You can make money in the market without a financial background too!

Andeerson WONG

Financial transaction master

Senior Financial Trading Master with over 25 years of experience,has been teaching since 2005 and uses MT4 in all technical analysis courses covering the areas of equities,futures,gold,currencies and crypto.He works on a number of projects such as Private Trading Advisor,Public Speaker,Public Course Teacher and Forex Broker Advisor, and assists Forex Brokers in setting up,recruiting,training and completing the initial phase until successful transfer to the Forex Broker Headquarters.Mr.Wong is also a public speaker hosted by two Malaysian banks at Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange and other medium and large scale events and seminars.

Speech theme: Important of Technical Analysis in financial trading

Kar Yong

BrokersShow special lecturer

Kar Yong started trading with just a humble US$500 when he was only 21, and within 2 years, he managed to turn it into US$13,000. Owing to his success, he was featured on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia Money Mind: Young Investors, and awarded the Most Popular FX Trainers in Malaysia.

Speech theme: Elliott Wave Made Easy

Zhen-hui Liu

Special Lecturer of PRCBroker

Engaged in finance-related work for nearly 10 years,involving investment in foreign exchange,futures and spot investment etc.Have won the best gold analysis of global foreign exchange in 2016.Have experienced technical analysis,trader and back-end risk control positions,he has a deep understanding of market behavior.In 2017,he started to be exposed to quantitative trading and programmatic trading,after deep study and research,he has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in "Wall Street Intelligent Analysis System".

Speech theme: The basic principle and practical application of《Wall Street Intelligent Analysis Navigation System 》

Yvonne Yu

Senior Financial Adviser,Decode

She graduated with a double major master degree in finance and big data from the University of Sydney and a bachelor degree in accounting with a major in international business from Monash University.ACCA, CFA students.I have worked in the financial industry for more than 5 years. I started to work in finance, finance and investment when I was an undergraduate, and now I have mastered the financial investment industry.In the field of investment, he has successfully guided many clients to obtain constructive investment direction in the stock and foreign exchange markets, investing clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Speech theme: Is it possible to start a business with zero cost and zero risk in the financial industry?

Kingsley Tan

International financial trends analyst

International financial trends analyst,Public financial speaker,Forex trading instructor,Contributing financial lecturer,Training instructor,《Currencies Era》series author

Speech theme:The "Golden Era" of Investing in Gold

Steve Chow Chi Wing

Senior Financial Analyst

Steve Chow graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Production Engineering with a Bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA in Business Administration.He has working experience as operation director ,general manager and management consultant in the electronics industry,with more than 10 years in the financial industry served a long history of traditional asset management funds back office trading.Strong financial market experience.35 years of major company work experience,including Motorola,Fairchild and Nypro.He was invited to join B2Broker 2017 year and is responsible for the business development in Asia Pacific and Great China market for forex crypto currency trading platform.Now,the Director of B2Broker Hong Kong office.

Speech theme: How to start a forex and crypto currency brokerage in Asia ?

David Dai

Chief Strategy Analyst, TMGM

Chief Strategy Analyst, TMGM .Specializing in international political economics and financial risk assessment.Extensive experience in international stock trading and commodity investment strategies.Member of the Australian Financial Planning Association FPA.Member of Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountant, Australia

Speech theme:An overview of the essentials and opportunities of trading the international futures market - Interpretation of International Crude Oil Futures Trading

Ricky Chu

ZFX Strategy Analyst

Graduated from a prestigious university in Hong Kong, providing analysis and strategy services in different international financial institutions for many years Since 12 years, he has focused on researching the latest financial technology, and has professional knowledge in AI trading and programming. Especially in financial ancillary products, it has extremely high attainments. Held more than 100 investment seminars in the Greater China region, explaining how fintech can help different customers to make more profits more easily He often writes reviews in various newspapers and magazines, and is interviewed by financial media in Hong Kong and China, and is widely welcomed by investors.

Speech theme: How is fintech changing the financial world?

Terence Lam

ZFX Strategy Analyst

More than 10 years of experience in the financial industry.Since the emergence of digital currency, he has been exposed to many different digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the early years, he served large international banks and knew all about the traditional financial industry.In recent years, engaged in research on the coordination of the latest financial technology and traditional finance and the emerging trading strategies,Through quantitative analysis strategies and understanding of digital assets, we have won many awards and achievements in the past two years, and held 3 online sharing sessions to help the public how to win steadily in emerging markets.

Speech theme: How is fintech changing the financial world?

David Hsu

Quantitative investment manager

David Hsu graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China,got Ph.D degree in the United States.He has many years of investment experience on Wall Street.The founder of "MM Investment Newsletter" has nearly 1,000 investment clients in the United States,Canada, Japan,Europe and Asia.With over 20 years of investment management experience. His investment strategies include stock index quantitative investment models,A-share investment models and currency trading strategies.Have in-depth and unique insights on stock index futures,gold and Metatrader platform transactions.In 2010,he published an investment book"This is how stocks can make money"and was welcomed by Chinese stock investors.email to dshsu@yahoo.com,WeChat and Telegram ID: david_s_hsu

Speech theme:Quantitative investment winning strategy with live records

Jacob Leung

Senior Strategy Analyst

Mr.LEUNG Kai Chun,Jacob,graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Business Studies,has over 10 years of trading experience in Forex/Bullion market.Jacob is specialized in examining the market prospect of Precious Metals and Forex,and professional in analyzing the relevant market sentiment.Jacob is also well-known for his accurate investment strategy.In 2013, he was titled as the Precious Metal Trading Battle winner in“CAPITAL WEEKLY”with a 438% investment return, and be rewarded again in 2015.Jacob has organized over 100 seminars,often contributes to various mass media and share precise insight, being popular among Hong Kong and China.In 2020,Jacob served as a guest host on a live financial TV program in HK,sharing investment and macroeconomics ideas with investors.

Speech theme: Post-epidemic era: dollar and macroeconomic direction

Mr. Chen

Senior Analyst of MultiBank Group

Mr. Chen of MultiBank Group has been engaged in the forex & precious metal industry for many years, and has accumulated rich technical analysis ability and solid trading experience. He has deep foundation in both non-agricultural layout and medium and long-term layout.With strong analytical ability and rich experience in trading, it has met the needs of different investors and formed its own unique trading style and trading philosophy in actual combat. Adhering to the control of risk as the first element of investment, repeatedly achieved good results. Based on years of practical experience, he has written "eight non-tradable rules" and "eight inevitable trading rules", in which "eight inevitable trading rules" is the direction beacon for investors to avoid risks, and "eight inevitable trading rules" has become the guiding light for clients to expand profits.

Speech theme: How to set up your own trading system ?




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Speech theme: How to start a forex and crypto currency brokerage in Asia ?

BrokersShow hall live interaction-Senior Financial Analyst Steve Chow Chi Wing


Speech theme:An overview of the essentials and opportunities of trading the international futures market - Interpretation of International Crude Oil Futures Trading

BrokersShow hall live interaction-Chief Strategy Analyst, TMGM David Dai


Speech theme:The "Golden Era" of Investing in Gold

BrokersShow hall live interaction-International financial trends analyst Kingsley Tan


Speech theme:The basic principle and practical application of《Wall Street Intelligent Analysis Navigation System 》

BrokersShow hall live interaction-PRC PRC guest analyst Zhen-hui Liu


Speech theme: Post-epidemic era: dollar and macroeconomic direction

BrokersShow hall live interaction- Senior Strategy Analyst Jacob Leung


Speech theme:Important of Technical Analysis in financial trading

BrokersShow hall live interaction- Guest analyst Andeerson Wong


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